LED Battery Gauge & Charge Controller

LED Battery Gauge & Charge Controller

LED Battery Ch UnitLED Battery Charger Display


  • Easy to install.
  • 13 LED Volt Meter to read any DC voltage from 11 to 15v dc.
  • Can be programed to display in bar or dot mode operation.
  • Has aux output which can be used for charge control or other voltage related uses
  • The aux outputs on and off positions (relative to voltage) are programmed using jumpers.
  • Output supplies 5v which can operate Logic FET, relay (via a transistor) or other device for charging & lighting etc.

This circuit displays the voltage @ the voltage input connectors in a series of LEDs which can either be used in Bar or Dot mode.  Using jumpers one can set the voltage level at which the output can be turned on and off.  So it can be used to turn a charger on and off or a light on and off relative to the voltage @ the input connector.  So it could be turned on @ 11.5v and off @ 14v or could be turned on @ 14v and off @ 11.5v etc.   There is a supplied display board or you can create you own in a variety of coloured LEDs (red, green, yellow blue etc.), the LED’s can be arranged in almost any shape.

The same board can be adapted to work on many DC  voltages such as 6Vdc or some resistive type input for sensing levels and controlling pumps etc.

Below are some projects using this circuit:

Battery management & Solar Panel regulator for small DC Installations:

This product uses the circuit to display the battery voltage and regulates the solar or wind charging according to the battery voltage.  You can switch the charge switch to, on, off or auto modes.  We have then added two main switches with separate overload protection.  One for a lighting circuit and a second for 12v dc appliances.  So you could use this type of product in a small DC powered house etc.

Battery monitor and charger

Automatic battery charger & volt meter:

This product uses the circuit to also display the battery voltage and switch the transformer on and off when the charger is in auto mode.  The charger has 3 modes; on, off and auto so you can either turn the charger on or off manually or leave it on auto mode so it will keep the battery voltage at an acceptable level.

Automatic Charger