LED Fuel or Tank Gauge V3

  LED Fuel or Tank Gauge V3

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  • Can be connected to most sender units that have a variable resistance type output between 0 and 250 Ohms. However the smaller the output range the less accurate.
  • Senders using 0 ohm as empty or 0 ohm as full can be used.
  • Exact “Empty”, “Reserve”, “Half” and “Full” levels are saved using jumpers to calibrate the gauge to any shaped tank.
  • LED Display has a dim feature for night mode.
  • LED Tank Gauge Circuit uses 13 LEDs to display the fuel level in bar graph mode or dot mode.
  • LEDs flash when in reserve.
  • You can build your own LED display module in any layout using the instructions in this manual or request an additional display.
  • LED display board can be used with empty and full set on the left or right of the display.
  • Can be used as a fuel gauge, tank gauge or any other gauge with a variable resistance type output.  Eg. voltage, temperature etc.

This circuit can replace your regular gauge with a series of 13 LED’s.  There many options for the display boards and we suggest you create your own as you can then have any shape, size or variety of LED colours.  The display can be soldered together easily according to the instructions in the manual.  Take a moment to watch the YouTube clip below for a demo on how it works, please also note that there are a few extra features in V3 and the clip features V2 of the module.

Some display possibilities – displays can be custom created for an extra cost.

Custom PCB using SMD LEDs:

LED Fuel Guage Display

Using SMD LEDs and laser cutting:


Using round LEDs and mounting them though a cover:


Using LED bargraph modules mounted behind a perspex screen:


Click here to view the LED Tank Gauge User Manual V3

We only take orders for 10 or more units at a time due to the manufacture and postage process.  Please contact us if you’d like to become a retailer or if you’d like to place a bulk order of 10 or more units.  Please click here to email us.