TLC IO06 and IO14

TLC IO06 and IO14

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  • These units are available in two sizes: 1) The IO06 which has 6 ports which can be configured as inputs or outputs. 2) The IO14 which has 14 IO ports.
  • All units are built to suit there specific requirements based on a modular system.
  • Relay outputs with NO. and NC. contacts or Vcc switching – used to drive motors, lighting, or larger relays etc.
  • Transistor or FET outputs – used for PWM or variable Voltage – used to control motor speed, light brightness etc.
  • Hi / Lo state inputs – used to sense switches, sensors, buttons etc.
  • ADC inputs – used to sense voltage, light levels, variable resistance based sensors etc.


  • Machine automation and control.
  • Custom lighting systems.
  • PC based controls.
  • Tuning other units on and off in sequence.
  • Advances security and alarm systems.
  • Battery monitoring.
  • Tank pump systems.

Each unit is built specifically to suit its requirements, depending on the number and types of inputs and outputs needed. It all depends on how many inputs and outputs are required and the complexity of the job to be done. It is possible to have analog and digital inputs and outputs wired up to it, push button interface and LCD displays. With our larger units, one can code it so that it can communicate with a PC for uploading and downloading data between each other and/or having the computer control it from an office or control room.  Take a moment to watch the YouTube clip below for a demo on how it works.