Remote Off Grid Projects

Over the last few years I have been focusing more on off grid projects in remote areas. Where I create entirely unique and custom installations exactly to your needs in areas that are remote and hard to access. Over the years, I have built up a set of skills, tools and equipment that are geared towards working in remote areas. I am currently based in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Types of remote installations include:

  • Solar power
  • Solar water heating with gas backup
  • Water pumps and irrigation
  • CCTV
  • Internet access & repeaters

Skills and equipment include:

  • Electrical and electronic installations and development
  • Carpentry
  • Metal and welding work
  • Plumbing
  • 3D Printing

Recent Projects:

Off Grid Solar System

Solar Water Heating With Gas Backup

Remote Solar Internet Access Repeater / CCTV

Aluminum Roof Rack And Hatch For My Bus Home

3D Printed Composting Toilet Bowel For My Bus Home