Software Development

In our software development sector, we create fully integrated tailor-made systems around your workflow so that the software does exactly what you specifically need it to do.  These systems are mostly Excel based using VBA coding, see some advantages of using Excel based systems below.

Some Benefits :   software side banner

  • Built to your existing workflow.
  • Time & money savings.
  • Reduction of human error.
  • Quicker turn around times.
  • Reduced manual data capture.
  • Reduction in printing.
  • Streamlined repetitive work like:
    • Data capture.
    • Collation, editing and copying of  information within and between Excel and Word documents.
    • Moving and renaming large numbers of files and documents.
    • Generating reports from Excel sheets or databases.
    • Database management.
  • Affordable and cost effective.


Applications Include:

  • Automation of Excel Spreadsheets.
  • Invoicing & Price List Systems.
  • Labour Hours & Payment Systems.
  • Lead Reports & Data Capture.
  • Reconciliation & Data Checking.
  • Book Keeping & Tax Calculations.
  • Stock Keeping Systems.
  • Calender Booking Systems.
  • Financial prognosis systems.
  • And More.


Some advantages of using Excel VBA based systems vs. other custom software development solutions:

  • Excel is an extremely widely supported powerful package in the workplace. It is much easier to train users to use a system that is excel based rather than training them for a completely foreign program and interface.
  • By using a customized Excel system it amplifies an already powerful Excel system that is in place. This way you can use the existing tools built into excel along with the power of a fully custom software system.
  • Using an Excel based system makes it easier for the user to work with and edit the information in the system using standard Excel features.
  • Using an Excel based system also enables the user to easily share information within Excel and between other software packages, as Excel has been designed to be used with other software packages already.
  • Many companies are already using Excel in most of their workflows so in many cases its just a case of using VBA code to improve, automate and speed up the processes and only slightly changing the systems you already know and use.
  • All that is needed to run a Excel VBA based system is a computer running MS Excel.
  • Excel VBA Based systems run as is, no installation is needed only the Excel file itself; all the code runs in the background and so can be easily be changed by anyone who knows the VBA programming language and has permission to change it.




This software can also be interfaced with our custom built electronic devices as described in our Electronics & Automation page.


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