Software Projects

Below are some of the software projects we have done in the past:


Labour and Asset tracking system for a remote employees based company.

(Using VBA in Excel)

  • Employees log their time spent and assets used on different projects throughout Africa by day and by hour on a custom Excel interface.
  • This Excel based interface on the employee’s PC exports time and asset usage data as a small excel file which is emailed (often via satellite pone so the data file needs to be small) to the central office.
  • On exporting the time and asset usage data file the system caries out a thorough check that all information is filled in and correct.  Any issues or mismatched info found by the system will halt the export and the system will ask the user to correct the issues before re exporting.
  • Once all time and asset usage data from all employees of all projects are received by the central office, the central office’s Excel interface imports all the data exports and collates them into a single Excel file. This file is then checked by management before being re-imported into a summary Excel database by the central office’s Excel system.
  • Once all checked info is in the Excel database, the central office interface is then able to generate reports and invoices from the info – like:
    • Time spent on projects broken down into normal time, overtime and leave time etc.
    • What assets were used on what projects.
    • Reports to see where assets were used and on what projects as well as where each asset is now.
    • Generate invoices based on per projects or per client.

VBA labour and asset tracking

An HR tracking system.

(Using VBA in Excel)

  • This is an Excel based system that is kept on a server that is accessible throughout the globe.
  • Users throughout the world can log onto the system using their log in info, this log in gives them rights to admin defined replicas and reports.
  • The user can then generate a replica (which is a snapshot of the admin granted info from the master Excel document kept on the server).  Once the replica is generated the system asks user where they would like to save their replica on their own PC. This allows users to save the file on a flash drive for updating on another computer if they chose and make changes to their replicas at any time while offline.
  • Admin can set what fields from the master Excel document each user will have in their replica and which fields can be viewed and or edited by the user.
  • Once the user has their replica open on their own machine, they can change / update all fields they need to as long as they have been granted the rights to change those fields by the Admin.  Info in the replica that is set as read only by Admin can not be changed by the user.  Fields in a replica can be set by Admin as free text or selected from a drop down menu using Excels validation feature.
  • All changes made in all replicas by a user are logged with a time stamp with a note on who made the changes. In this way  it is possible to track in the master Excel document, who make the last update and when they made it.
  • Once a user has made all changes they need to make, they the user will log back into the main system on the server and import their replica with its updated info back into the master.
  • On import a custom cell specific sync check is carried out – looking for any changes made by the user – this is done by checking if the data in the master excel sheet has changed since the user generated their replica. If a sync mismatch has occurred the system will ask the user if they want to update the master documents field to the data they, the user filled in or if they would like to keep the information that is currently in the master – showing who changed the info in the masters documents field and when it was changed.
  • Users are also able to generate excel based reports by selecting reports that Admin has set up for that user.  Admin sets what fields are to be displayed for each report and who has access to each report.
  • All report info is locked and read only so data cant be changed, only columns can be hidden and shrunk etc for printing / viewing purposes.
  • Admin has full access to the master excel data with the ability to:
    • Change all master data including deleting and adding information.
    • Adding, deleting and moving columns and rows,
    • Setting up formulas, data validation and conditional formatting as in any excel doc.
    • Add / remove users; add / remove replicas and reports; assign replicas and reports to users.


Business school financial prognosis system.

(Using VBA in Excel)

  • By filling in courses that are due to start and when they will start as well as filling in the number of students that will be attending each course.
  • Setting what fees are payable to the business school by students on courses and by when though out the duration of their course these fees are due.
  • Filling in when expenses are payable by the business school for course related fees like lectures etc and other fixed expenses such as rents and salaries etc.
  • Once this information is filled in the system can then generate a financial prognosis report showing the theoretical cash flow of the company for the months to come, with details like:
    • Total monies received by each course in course fees by students, month by month and course by course.
    • Totals to be paid out by business school per course for things such as lecturers, course materials, lecture hall  rental etc, month by month and course by course.
    • The proposed balance for the months to come, also month by month and course by course.
    • Total courses running each month and total students attending each course etc, also month by month and course by course.
    • Total costs vs. incomes for each course running month by month.
  • This information can then be displayed in the form of tables or graphs etc.


Asset Booking interface for Events hire company

(Using VBA in Excel)

  • This system has a full record of every item that the hire company hires out as well as its current condition etc.
  • The system has a built in calendar listing qtys for items that are already booked for events, containing all event information such as the name of the event, where the event is to be held, when the event is to be held, the name of the person organizing the event who booked the equipment, the name of the user who entered the booked items in the system as well as when it was added to the system.
  • Availability of items for hire can then be checked by the system using the item wanted, how many are wanted and the date range that the items are wanted for (ie: the dates the event will be held over). The system will then take the total number of items in good condition in stock and compare it with the total number of the same item that are already booked for other events over that same time period and calculate how many if any of the items in question are available.
  • Picking lists for events can then be generated and printed, containing info on the event and quantities of items that have been booked – this info is then used to pull the items from stock by an employee.
  • Reports can also be pulled from the system, such as:
    • Item usage reports by month, year and event.
    • Event reports by day, month and year.
    • Hire item condition reports etc.
    • Items in stock, booked out and not returned and what event they were last booked out on.
  • The excel user interface runs on several PCs and is operated by several users at the same time. All information is stored on a central database on a server. Users can log into any of the interfaces using their user name and password.


Resize of EventManag

System to track floor usage and keep customer info for a goods storage company.

(Using VBA in Excel)

  • The system holds a list of all current customers of a goods storage company with their contact details and what they have stored where on the floor.
  • A sheet of the excel system contains a graphical floor plan layout that uses colours to show if the floor space is empty, semi used or full.
  • Customers can be searched for using search criteria, this will then list search results showing customer info and where on the floor the customers have goods kept etc.
  • By clicking on a square of the floor plan a screen pops up showing which customers have goods stored there and on which level each customers goods are stored.
  • When loading a new crate of goods on the floor the floor manager clicks on the floor plan where there is space available and then from a pop up window is able to select which level to place the crate and can fill in the customers info.
  • By looking at the floor plan one can see where space is available, there is also a summary displaying how many spaces there are in total, how many spaces are used and how many spaces are still available.

VBA storage system

Insurance broker group’s monthly commissions calculation system.

(Using VBA in Excel)

  • This custom Excel system imports monthly excel documents which are received from the insurance providers. The documents contain all policies held by the broker group, with the policy brokers, clients details and monthly contributions paid by clients for their policies.
  • The Excel system then calculates:
    • Totals for contributions excluding and including VAT etc.
    • Commissions owed to broker group.
    • Commissions owed to brokers.
    • And amounts owed to insurance providers etc


Hot Leads System.

(Using VBA in Excel)

This quick leads system was coded for a client in the building industry and it required just a small amount of coding added to an Excel layout. Now it saves hours every time our client uses it.  All our client does now is enter in all the lead information from the different jobs they are involved in on an on going basis.  When it comes to creating a leads report for a client of theirs they select the client from a list of existing clients, select the date range and click “Generate Report”.  The Excel system will then extract all leads referring to the selected client between the selected dates and create a pdf of the report which can then be sent to their client with all of the leads relating to that client. This previously took my client hours of copying and pasting for each clients report.


Custom Invoicing System.

(Using VBA in Excel)

This invoicing system has an invoice template on one sheet and a price list of the items and their rental costs on another sheet. Using the drop down lists, text boxes and buttons on the right of the invoice template one can select whether you want to create an invoice or quote and then select the rent-able items from the price list and enter the quantity to be rented and click on the add button. This will add in the quantity, item description, unit price and total from the price list sheet for each item added to the invoice template. This makes putting invoices and quotes together much easier and quicker with less chance of errors occurring as you do not have to manually look up items and their rental costs and type them in. The finished quote or invoice can them be exported as a pdf document.

Membership and Admission Management Software. 

(Using Visual Basic)

This program was designed for a skate park. It holds a record of each member with personal info, contact info, and occupational info, pictures, finger print data and their membership status for example visitor, weekly, monthly and yearly etc. It kept a financial log of attendance and membership fees as well as membership expiry dates. It also keeps a log of attendance times. It is connected to a finger print reader so any member entering could automatically be identified and called up on the system.

Resize of Membership

MP3 Sorter.

(Using Visual Basic)

If you use MP3’s at all you will know the hassle of keeping them in order. This means keeping all the file ID Tag versions up to date and the same.  ID Tags are text fields inside the mp3 file itself that contain the songs Title, Artist, Genre etc.  Over the years they have come up with various different tag versions. And now the problem comes in – different MP3 playing programs use different tag versions, so if the tag information is not the same in all of the tag versions some programs will show the correct song details while others won’t. Then it is also a good idea to have the file name containing the same info so when you are browsing though the file system in windows explorer or some such file management program, one can also make sense of the files. So the program I created would sort out all the different versions of tag info inside each file, rename the file and move it  to the correct folder in your MP3 directory. Inside the MP3 folder there would be a folder for every Genre, inside every Genre folder the are folders for every Artist of that Genre, inside every Artist folder there is a folder for every Album released by that Artist and finally inside every Album folder there would be the MP3s from that album.


Company Labour and Materials Database System.  

(Using Visual Basic)

We wrote a program for a boat building company which would keep the hours that each labourer worked on each individual job in multiple databases, it also kept a record of every material used on every job. Then at the end of each week it would generate reports to show how much each labourer gets paid, and how many hours each labourer spent on each job or any such combination of results. It would also then create reports for how much to invoice the client for both labour and materials. It is also possible to generate all kinds of reports such as how much of material x was uses on job y and so it goes.


A Complete Address Book System. 

(Using Visual Basic)

This program is able to contain multiple address books for different users, each user has their own optional password. It is far more than a standard address book – it contains all the usual phone numbers and you are able to call any of these numbers straight from the PC. From the postal address field you can print envelopes straight from the program, you can send and receive Emails straight from the program as well. It has a very powerful search mechanism where you can search for just about anything.