Car Interior Fading Light Circuit V3

  Fading Light Control

This module sometimes called a courtesy light can be easily installed in to any vehicle running a 12v battery.  It can be used to drive old school filament bulbs and or LEDs.  The unit has two outputs one for the main interior lights and another for dedicated reading lights.  All lights fade on and off with the door opening and closing / over ride switch and the ignition key turning on and off.

   LED Fuel or Tank Gauge V3

Pic for website  LED Fuel Guage Display    DSC_0383  IMG_4530

This module can be used for a fuel gauge or tank gauge.  It can be used with any regular resistance sender giving between 0 and 250 Ohms.  Full / Half / Reserve and Empty levels are programmed to the unit so it can be programmed to suit the shape and size of your tank.  The level of the tank can be output on a series of LEDs.

Portable LED Message Board

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TLC IO06 and IO14

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LED Battery Gauge & Charge Controller

LED Battery Ch Unit