Car Interior Fading Light Circuit V3

Car Interior Fading Light Circuit V3

  • Can be connected to an existing interior light system or in a new system.
  • Can be used in “Door / Off / On” door mode as standard light systems.
  • Interior lights fade on when the ignition is turned off.
  • Interior lights fade half off (if on) when the ignition is turned on.
  • Interior lights fade on when door is opened and switched to “Door” mode.
  • Interior lights fade off after a delay when door is closed and switched to “Door” mode.  There is a longer delay if the key is off and a shorter delay if the key is on.
  • Interior lights fade on and off when switched with door mode switch.
  • Reading light fades on and off with dedicated reading light push button.
  • Module can drive bulbs or LEDs, outputs of 5amps max.
  • Both lights will fade off after 2 hours if they are still on to prevent flattening of the battery.
  • The installation is pretty easy and not much electrical knowledge is needed.
  • Make sure that body of the car (ground) is connected to negative on the battery, and when the door is opened the doors switch connects to ground.

It is mostly recommended that you create your own switch panel that suits your car or using / modifying your cars existing switch mechanism, however the optional switch panel can be used as well.  If you choose to use the optional switch panel, it must be ordered separately.  All wiring diagrams are given in the manual.  Take a moment to watch the YouTube clip below for a demo on how it works, please also note that there are a few extra features in V3 and the clip features V2 of the module.

(Optional switch board) – $15.00 – custom laser cut from perspex to fit your car.
DoorModeSwitch board

Click here to view the 12V Car Interior Fading Light Module V3 User Manual

We only take orders for 10 or more units at a time due to the manufacture and postage process.  Please contact us if you’d like to become a retailer or if you’d like to place a bulk order of 10 or more units.  Please click here to email us.