Portable LED Message Board

Portable LED Message Board

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Features Include:

  • Portable.
  • Self Programmable.
  • Small and light yet very legible from a distance of 10m.
  • Message Board Size 196mm Long, 63mm High.
  • Stores 3 messages of up to 160 characters each.
  • Message 2 and 3 can be linked to create a message of 320 characters.
  • Adjustable scroll speed for each message.
  • Adjustable brightness for each message.
  • Operates on 12V DC via a car cigarette lighter plug, 12v batteries or 220V transformer.
  • Fully operational with the 5 button interface on the unit or via an IR remote, with cell phone style keypad.
  • Optional interfaces like PC serial ports etc. available on request.
  • Custom longer boards are available on request.


  • Advertising
  • Announcements
  • Directions
  • Shop window display
  • Car window display


The display has been designed to be fully portable and self programmable so that it does not have to depend on any external interfacing etc. and can work on battery power so does not need a plug outlet to operate.  It works on a LED matrix and uses the standard 5X7 dot matrix character display.  The display is just over 5 characters in length.

The message board can store 3 messages of 160 characters each (which is the same as an SMS) and messages 2 and 3 can be linked together to create a message of 320 characters in length.  Each message can have it’s own scroll speed (Forward, Stationary or Backward scrolling) as well as its own brightness which can be changed to best suit ambient light and power consumption in the case of battery operation.

The unit can be mounted by 2 adjustable L brackets on either end which can be screwed down or stuck with double sided tape etc.